Salad jacket, easy recipe for heat

At this time of year, when the heat begins to manifest, I love preparing this salad recipe, healthy, nutritious and fresh.

Actually, the salad jacket is also known as "salad summer ", but I like to get ahead when it comes to gastronomic issues, and the truth is that I take advantage of any excuse when it comes to preparing salads.

Just in case it needs clarification, this Easy campera salad is a recipe designed for potato lovers. Yes, of course it is a salad, but one with more carbohydrates than those that only have lettuce and tomatoes.

How to make salad jacket

In addition to potatoes, this delicious salad requires tuna and eggs, as main ingredients.You have to heat a pot with plenty of water, until it reaches a boiling point.

  • Once the boiling water, add the potatoes, a little salt and a splash of vinegar. Do not add salt to the water before it gets hot, or you'll have to wait much longer for it to boil.
  • Let's leave the potatoes cooking for 25 minutes (remember that each kitchen is a world, so depending on the case it may take a little longer).
  • Now we go with the cooking of the eggs, to take advantage of the time that the potatoes take in their pot. You have to heat another smaller pan, also with water.
  • In this second pot, we will cook the eggs for 10 minutes. Here I leave this link with tricks to achieve some perfect hard boiled eggs.

  • The cooking of the potatoes leaves us a lot of time to do everything else, so now we prepare with the seasoning. In a small cup, add two tablespoons of sherry vinegar and three tablespoons of olive oil (if you're a fan of salad with a lot of vinaigrette, you can prepare twice as much).
  • I suppose the eggs must be ready. You have to take them out of the water and let them cool down.
  • Now let's take care of the rest of the vegetables, which should be already clean. Let's diced the tomatoes.
  • Next, we will peel the onion and also the chopped in cubes.
  • In the case of peppers, you have to remove them , the seeds and the internal white parts. Then, we will also chop it into cubes.
  • Now we will take all these vegetables that are already chopped and we will arrange them in the salad bowl in which we are going to serve.
  • The following step is to open the tuna cans. At the beginning, we will only make a small hole or opening to drain the liquid from the can. Then we will finish opening it, and we will pass the almost dry contents to the salad bowl.
  • Already the potatoes should be ready. Let's get them out of the water to cool down a bit.
  • Meanwhile, let's go to remove the shell of the eggs and chop them into large pieces. I prefer to reserve them and only accommodate them in the salad bowl until the end, because they are more delicate than the other ingredients and can also be used for decoration.
  • With the potatoes at the best temperature, we will proceed to cut them also in cubes. Then they will go straight to the salad bowl, where now, we will stir everything. At this point, we can add a little more salt, to suit everyone.
  • Now we will add the seasoning and at the end we will arrange the pieces of egg.The watery tomatoes will lose their shape and they will release a lot of liquid when they are cut.
  • The trickle of vinegar that you are going to add to the water to cook the potatoes, will help them maintain their consistency and will not turn into puree material.
  • You can use peeled potatoes or skin, very well washed. This depends on the taste of each one. I, for example, prefer them with skin.
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    Bon appetit!