Pea cream: quick recipe

Our recipe for pea cream is very simple but very nutritious.

For reasons of practicality and speed, for this recipe I will use frozen peas. However, if you have the option to prepare the fresh peas, the recipe will take longer, but it will be even healthier.

How to make homemade pea cream

To prepare the cream Peas, we're also going to need vegetable broth. Some people only use water and from my point of view, they end up with all the charm of this delicious recipe.

In fact, I recommend having a reserve of vegetable broth prepared at home, especially during cold seasons . This base will serve to prepare various recipes of homemade creams, how this pea cream or, for example, our easy recipe of cauliflower cream or a good cream of vegetables.

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Recipe for quick pea cream

Recipe easy cooking to prepare, step by step, a quick, comforting and very nutritious pea cream.Some people do not use onions in their pea cream preparations, but from a very different point of view, this ingredient gives the dish an aromatic base. For me it is almost irreplaceable.
  • We will also deal with garlic. We will peel the teeth and chop them lightly, or better yet, we will crush them.
  • Then , we will have to look for an anti-adherent pan, of good size. We will heat it with a little butter, very quickly, so that this ingredient melts, but without darkening. This would change the flavors we want to give the dish. It is very important not to get distracted in this step.
  • To continue, we will add the onion and the garlic, and sauté for five minutes, stirring constantly.
  • After this time , we will incorporate the peas. As they are thawed, we will move and separate them with a kitchen spoon, to accelerate cooking.
  • We will give the peas five minutes to undo and cook. During this time, we will move them frequently.
  • After ten minutes, we will pour the Broth, mix, cover and let cook for 10 minutes.
  • After this time, We will pass the contents of the pot to a blender. Before liquefying the ingredients, add a touch of salt and pepper, to taste. We will also add the milk cream.
  • We will process all the ingredients to obtain a cream, as fine as possible.
  • When we have obtained the desired consistency, we will verify the seasoning and if necessary, we will correct it with more salt or pepper, or both. If we think that the cream has been very thick, we can add more broth or failing that, water. If it's too runny, we can add more milk cream to give it more body.
  • The pea cream should be served hot. If it has cooled during the blending process, we can return it to the pot and heat it for a few more minutes.
  • That's it. The pea cream is ready.
  • Tips for the preparation of the pea cream

    • Some people prefer to liquefy the pea cream before serving it, to obtain a more delicate consistency. If you do this, do not throw away the waste. They will serve to complement other dishes, such as sauces, rice dishes or stews.
    • Some people prefer to add other vegetables to pea cream, such as potatoes or leeks. This is a good idea if you want to prepare this recipe frequently and change its flavor a bit. You can also use the potatoes to obtain a more delicious cream.
    • If you are not a vegetarian, instead of using vegetable broth, you can use chicken broth.
    • The color of the cream Pea is an intense green that creates a nice effect on the table. You can decorate it with elements of other colors to establish a contrast.