Cauliflower cream, healthy vegetarian recipe

Do you feel like a strong recipe, with a lot of flavor and to warm your body? Here is the solution: prepare this recipe for cauliflower cream, which is also very easy to make.

How to make cauliflower cream

To prepare this recipe for cauliflower broth, let's go to need a good stock of vegetables. My recommendation is that you previously cook a homemade one, using our recipe.

As I have always said, the richest dishes are those where all the possible ingredients are prepared at home. In this case, the vegetable broth will be an essential ingredient for the cauliflower cream to be delicious.

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Cauliflower cream recipe

Easy cooking recipe to prepare, step by step, a delicious cream of healthy cauliflower, perfect as a starter or for a fast meal, but very nutritious and with fewer calories than you think.Optionally, you can separate the most fibrous part of the stem, and then chop the vegetable into medium or small pieces.
  • Once we have these pieces, we will wash them well, individually. After washing them, I prefer to disinfect them. For this I submerge them in a container of fresh water, previously mixed with a vinegar stream, and leave them there for at least five minutes.
  • While our main ingredient is soaked, we can use it to peel the onion. We can also do the same with garlic.
  • Once peeled, let's chop them in very small pieces. In the case of garlic, it is even preferable if you can crush it.
  • Let's go back to pieces of cauliflower. Let's drain them and reserve them, momentarily.
  • Next, we'll heat a large pot with a pair of tablespoons (also large) of butter. We will do this quickly so that the butter melts, but do not burn or darken.
  • Then, we will add the pieces of onion and garlic. We will cook them with the aim that the onion starts to become a little transparent.
  • After five minutes, we will incorporate the pieces of cauliflower. We'll let them cook a little to make them brown. This will take us about ten minutes, with constant supervision and removing them frequently. Make sure they only brown and do not blacken. Leaving to brown the pieces of cauliflower will seal the flavor of this vegetable.
  • After this time , pour the broth in the pot, with the stream of wine. Let it heat, for ten minutes, with the pot covered so it does not evaporate.
  • After this time, we will pass all the cooking ingredients to a blender. Before processing the mixture, add a touch of salt and pepper to taste, half a teaspoon of nutmeg, plus two tablespoons of cream. To measure the moscada, use a very small teaspoon, like tea. Keep in mind that you will add little more than a pinch of this kind.
  • Process all the ingredients until obtaining a cream as thin as possible. Try it and if necessary, correct the seasoning with more salt and/or pepper.
  • Regarding the consistency, if you feel that you have been very liquid, you can add a little more cream or even melt a little butter, add it and mix again. If on the contrary, you feel that it has become very thick, add more broth. To a large extent, this will depend on the size of the cauliflower used.
  • If the cream It is not hot enough, return it to the pot and cook it a little more. Then, it will be ready to be served.
  • Tips for preparing cauliflower cream

    • If you remove the most fibrous part of the stem from the cauliflower, do not waste it.I recommend you do not do this the first time you prepare this recipe, so that you already know its basic flavor. If you then decide that you want a point of acidity and additional taste, try this tip.
    • Some people add other vegetables when they prepare cauliflower cream, such as potatoes or leeks. This can be a good idea to vary the flavors, if you prepare this recipe frequently.
    • You can use several ingredients to decorate and texture when serving this dish, like sesame seeds quickly toasted in a pan, or pieces of finely chopped chives. If you like cheese, cover with a touch of grated Parmesan. If you're not a vegetarian, you can also decorate with small pieces of fried bacon.
    • Another option to decorate the cream, is with a thread of olive oil.