The absolute favorite pizza with parma ham, arugula and buffalo mozzarella

I could start now with my old and my new stove. But you certainly can not hear it anymore. Therefore only briefly: At the last pizza parade marathon with my old stove simply burned the top heat, from now on I could only bake with convection and produce no great breads and pizzas.
Now I have a great new stove and now it's time for me in the oven again.
So. Now for the topic: I love pizza! This is not really something special and most of the people I know.
I think there are only a few really tasty and good pizzas and that does not belong to me from the delivery service.
In Cologne, there is a shop where I like to go: CAMINETTO. There's a big stone oven in there and they bake a fabulous crispy thin and perfectly finished pizza in front of your eyes. That reminds me that I still have a voucher for this shop ... My favorite there is clearly the pizza "Melanzane-Parmigiano" with grilled aubergines, mozzarella, plenty of garlic and Parmesan over it. Simple, but delicious! What's delicious there is the pizza "Rustica" with parmesan, mozzarella and arugula.
This combo is my all-time favorite for pizza anyway.
And that's why it was very clear what was the first pizza topping on the first pizza from my new oven ...

For some time, I perfumed the perfect pizza dough and then developed the perfect recipe for us.
The soil must be crispy, crispy, and thin to taste for a holiday. Admittedly, the dough on my first pizza was a bit too thick for over a year, I accidentally made doubled the dough.
So that does not happen again, here's my Favorite recipe for 2 pizzas from the brick :
200 g Flour Type 550
50g durum wheat semolina
1/4 cube yeast
1 tl salt
approx. 160 ml of lukewarm water
1 tbsp olive oil
Mix flour and semolina , Work in the yeast well with your fingertips, then add the salt. Pour in water and knead by hand or with the food processor to a smooth and elastic dough. Finally, knead the olive oil. Cover the dough with a kitchen towel and let it rest for about 1 hour.
As already mentioned, I like to bake on a stone. This, in my opinion, contributes to the perfect soil and taste.
I have a firebrick that I preheat to 250 ° C in my oven for 1 hour before use - that's right the time in which the dough has to go.
If you do not have a stone, you can just heat up an upside down baking tray.
Once the dough has risen, it is divided into 2 parts, rolled into balls and then rolled out on a floured work surface. I always adjust it to my beechwood shooter, so I can let it slide directly from this board on the stone later.
The board I order it properly with flour and then with semolina, so that nothing will go wrong later.
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For the toppings I make a quick tomato sauce 2 aromatics which I combine with 1 garlic clove , 1 olive oil , salt , pepper and fresh marjoram and oregano with the blender.Add a little balsamic cream and give some some Parmesan chips to the pizza.
Now again for in the oven for about 1 minute and then the pizza can be served.
The absolute favorite pizza - that always fits!